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I understand your concern Ezion; of course we cannot stop using the monetary system in one day. There has to be a transition period of many years to do so, but we can start now.

The first place I would start, personally, is education - everyone should be able to get one. That is a questionable choice, however, as it is more important to guarantee basic needs (food, water and shelter), but I feel that with a more educated population, these changes would be easier to make.

I cannot predict the outcome of removing the monetary system, but when I think of it, I don’t see why there would be any:
- Theft, in a world where everyone has access to the same things.
- Drugs & Prostitution, if there is no money to make from selling them.
- Wars, if there is no one to make a profit from them.
- Hunger, in a world were scientific efforts are turned towards abundance rather than war.
- Lack of space, if you remove most of the buildings that produce the same damn things as other (So-called competition).
- Pollution, in a world driven by technology rather than profit.
- Diseases, in a world where the pharmaceutical and medical system actually cures you rather than making sure you stay sick.
- And more...

Okay, some problems might come up, but none can be as big as all of these together. I know this can seem impractical, but I believe a solution can be found to any problem, and I don’t see why we couldn’t find a solution for these ones, and any other than comes up along the way.
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