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Originally Posted by Marco Roy View Post
bittman, first of all, I'd like to say that Utopia does not exist. The concept in itself is contradictory, because you can always make something better. Therefore, you can always try to reach Utopia, but it’ll always slip out of your hands.
Of course, but this is what you're getting at here:

Originally Posted by Marco Roy View Post
I’m sad that you feel the world is okay right now, when 1% of the population drive around in their luxury cars, while hundreds of millions are starving. I understand though, I guess you just haven’t given it much thought.
Because it is a fanciful fictitious belief that luxury can exist without poverty. They come hand in hand, it's all to do with measurement. Centuries ago people were seen as well off if they lived to the ripe old age of 45, nowdays we deem that to be an unbearable thought and the height of poverty.

If you go back as far as evolution, you'll see there is always a monkey better off than another. If you go down a religious route, there have always been people of higher power. Either way, it's the social hierachy, and it is defined by poverty and wealth, though wealth nowdays is measured in luxuries rather than land or followers.

So, on your "I haven't given it much thought" and "obviously this is just another democratic pig" or something Marxist which will make me laugh: Marxism is a failed experiment. The notion would work if it was tested on robots, but it was designed for humans with human nature. Human nature may be partially greedy and ignorant, but it also desires to be justly rewarded for work and further improve upon what they have.

Originally Posted by Marco Roy View Post
I’ve read both these novels, but I don’t really see how they apply here. They’re more about conspiracy theories than anything else.
Well, I'm foggy on 1984, but BNW was about a "Utopia" forced upon humans which, though sickening to us, almost works. Poverty does not exist, because it is eradicated. Chaos theory runs rampant through this novel also, with the main characters all being anomalies of some description. I did this in my English classes, so I read further beyond the "conspiracy theories" than you may have.

And if you are here to see the monetary system fall, it's because you like the idea of anarchy and war in our lifetime. Because if it fell, it would fall harder than Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Finally: I'm enjoying this debate/topic.

EDIT: Your recent post is pretty fanciful and conspiratorial. Apparently drug companies like making us sick because it keeps them in a job? And there is always something to profit and lose by going to war.

And you don't like competition, yet you want to be a game designer? Come again?
Originally Posted by Personal Mission Statement
There is nothing irrelevant to Game Design.

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