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Sorry for the double post, my text was too long.

Originally Posted by bittman View Post
And you don't like competition, yet you want to be a game designer? Come again?
I never said I don’t like competition. My point was more about the duplication of goods and services we see today. Why are there so many airlines today? So many cable and cell phone companies? All in competition with each other, only limiting their exposure to quality materials, therefore they can never create good products that actually last, that actually work: they don’t want them to. They all provide the same services, therefore, we only need one; and if you see a problem with it, you can just correct it (not today of course, but in a resource based economy you could). Or wait for someone else to do so. People today tend to whine too much instead of thinking how to solve problems. In a creative field like game design, of course there is going to be competition, and that is not a bad thing; but it is very different from duplicate goods or services.

More on competition: The idea that competition enables efficiency and production is one of the most incredible textbook capitalist myth that has ever been perpetrated by the profit system. Think about the obvious logical fallacy of this: you cannot have better quality products at a lower price. That is impossible, a contradiction in terms, because the entire system is based on supply and demand. Quality products are always going to come at the highest quality price, therefore, any manufacturer is going to cut corners as much as possible to maintain its competitive edge. You cannot possibly produce optimisation in this system; there is no chance for it: it’s too expensive. And that produces terrible amounts of waste.

Optimisation and sustainability are not only not wanted; they are the enemies of the profit system. If you can create something that lasts, and does really really well, for long periods of time, that’s the most efficient, that’s the most healthy to the environment, you’re going to see a collapse of the system. If this was not the case, you’d have cars that are running on battery technology, that would run for decades without service, they would be optimized with the highest forms of technology. We could do this today. You don’t see that though. Why? Because of the profit system. Because of the cartels that run things. It is impossible to have the highest quality anything: they don’t want the highest quality treatments to cure cancer. Frankly, if you look into B-17, look into Grossman Therapy, you’ll find that there are plenty of means of preventing cancer along with treatments that can actually cure it, that are basically nutritionally oriented and have absolutely nothing to do with chemotherapy or any of that. Why would they perpetuate this, why would they shut the treatments down? Corruption is rampant is the medical establishment, and that should be the most important establishment we have! That’s our health right there, that’s the social organisation to keep us healthy, to keep us focussed, to keep us going, to keep us feeling good, and that system is collapsing faster than probably any other system. It is the most aberrant system that we have. They don’t care. They can’t care. They don’t want to care, because they lose if they care. If they cured cancer right now, you would see a ridiculous drop-off in GDP of the United-States and across the world. It is a negative retroaction in economics to have efficiency, abundance, sustainability, and optimization.

So this statement that just because people compete, we’re just going to use our creativity, we’re going to have the best stuff, quality products, at the lowest possible price, is absolutely asinine. And I hope you can understand that myth thoroughly, because you are going to hear it over and over from people who claim they know about the capitalist system.

My Final answer on this one would be: You think the current system cannot be improved, and YOU want to be a game designer? Design is about solving problems, so good luck with that.

Originally Posted by shaggyglasses View Post
wow, you lack knowledge of the medical field, i can understand putting the claim that HMO's/insurance company are completely unfair but to say that the pharmacists and the doctors are keeping you sick is completely ignorant and that alone makes you sound like a conspiracy theorist.
My lack of knowledge in the medical field? Ok, I’m not a doctor, but did you know Bayer sent HIV infected pills offshore, because they did not want to lose the investment in they made in the production of those pills. Did you know mercury in vaccines increased the percentage of autistic children by more than 1000%? And even thought they knew, the industry left the mercury in the vaccines and privatised the mercury studies, because it would be too expensive to deal with it in lawsuits and everything. Did you know that the medical establishment/cartels are refusing, shutting down cancer treatments that are beneficial to people with cancer. Why? Because they couldn’t make money out of those treatments: most of them were based on nutrition, homeopathy; they were oriented in a way that did not require pharmaceuticals. Yes, I don’t know everything, but can you tell me I’m wrong to believe that what I just told you is horrifyingly immoral?

Originally Posted by shaggyglasses View Post
and we don't have a lack of space. if you take the three largest counties of oregon in the U.S. and build a city with a density similar to new york city than you can fit the world's entire population. lack of space... no... lack of resources on the other hand is a yes.
I know we don’t have a lack of space, but it is a concern that is often raised. With no more wars or hunger, some people think we’ll have a population problem, which is not true. I agree with you on this one. Lack of resources though? I don’t think so. Unless you consider money (which is not even real, it’s just a concept, it’s fiat: bank bills hold no real value) as a resource?
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