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And onto the monetary system.
I def want to check out those videos, although I'm an American...*college, please protect me*. Yeah, not a fan of the Patriot Act.

Anyways, as stated in my previous post, scarcity exists. So we need a system to distribute goods and services, and deciding who gets to be a have and who is a have-not. Currently America has the monetary capitalist system, which you're all familiar with.
The upside: competition that leads to innovation, illustrated by the game industry itself. You have the infamous Wii, that could not compete with the PS3 graphics wise but still made its bang by introducing a different style of gameplay. You can get better products for a lower price, you only have to look at the electronics industry. Any common $100 cell phone has way more computing power than a mega million dollar Eniac. And Moore's Law is still going, an example being that increased storage capacity of flash drives.

The downside: You have competition that leads to scandal and fraud, (ex: Enron), greedy corporate execs (AIG), and other moral issues (check out the Yes Men, they're awesome and explain this stuff way better than I can

What I'd like to see is a better alternative for the monetary system. The alternatives I can think of are:
a) bartering:
"I want 10 chickens for this peanut butter"
"I don't got no chickens, but I has goats"
"Then give me 3 goats"
"Peanut butter is not even worth one goat, b***!"
*insert hours of squabbling and possible physical injury*
b) inheritance to the eldest child, which result in all the younger siblings going flat broke
c) strict communism where everyone is poor (most modern communist countries are pretty moderate)
d) raiding (ok, can we agree goats aren't worth killing people over?)

None of which seem more appealing.
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