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Originally Posted by Gshonk View Post
Yea I was going to post the same thing. We don't want this to rip our community apart.
Sorry guys, that's really not what I was aiming for; I just wanted to share this idea with the community.

Bittman, your arguments are what I call “angry arguments”. I don’t see where you get the religious stuff and everything. And that’s the same stuff most people against the movement come up with... which is kind of weird. Did you do a Google search for those?

EvilLlama, I think there are an infinite number of solutions to this problem. Maybe it's just too soon (as for technology, the maturity of society, etc.) to try and correct it. But I am pretty sure a resource based economy is what we are going to end up with, whether it be in 100 years, or 1000.
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