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Default Critique this resume!

Hi Game professionals,

I've built my resume and would very much appreciate some feedback. Please do not try to spare my feelings, be brutally honest to your heart's content. In short, I have 2 years of game development experience (one released title) plus B.S. in Computer Science and am now looking for a new job (yes, in this economy), preferably as a Game Programmer.

I have been applying for jobs for about 2 months now and so far have only had one phone interview and a couple of follow-up requests for more information (such as filling out questionnaires). In other words, a very lukewarm response from game companies. I am blaming it on the poor economy (we all have our excuses) and perhaps my resume and cover letters.

So this is the old resume I had been using up until now, the one that didn't yield good results. I have recently created a brand new resume, over here, which is one page long, compared to the 3 pages length of the old one, and much more streamlined and focused on the skills that I think are relevant to my target position of Game Programmer.

I included both old and the new resume so you can see for your self what I've cut out. Perhaps some of the stuff I took out really needs to be in the new resume as well.

So what do you guys think? Be brutally honest, give me any and all constructive criticism you think might improve my (new) resume.


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