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Hey lougv22,

You're sorta in the same boat as me w/ 2 years of game programming experience, but I had 2 released titles I probably shouldn't be helping you because you're my competition, but I enjoy helping people too much to resist. Anyways, your shortened resume is a step in the right direction (I always hear keep your resume on 1 page at GDC '09). I believe someone mentioned in these forums somewhere that a summary is now the in thing to do instead of an objective (found the thread: You could also use a gameography section instead of embedding the titles within the company, so it stands out more. A reference section would be nice to have as well (maybe put upon request if you want to keep it private). If you can't fit all this, use a smaller font (that's what they tell me at GDC '09). The format of your resume could use some work too because it looks like a big wall of text at first glance (maybe seperation of the different sections in one column and your data in another).

I see that you started in IT before making the transition, which I can relate to. It's definitely a hard time right now to find a job in the games industry because of the economy. I've been looking for about 8 or 9 months and I've gone through a similar experience as you, but with only a handful of phone interviews. From my experience so far, it seems that game studios are mostly looking for senior programmers because they're either at the start of their projects or the end. They need someone that can jump right in and do stuff w/o any mentoring, which is understandable. I suggest that you keep yourself busy by working in the indie or mod scene while things pick up again in the games industry. There's a couple of positions popping up here and there, which fit us junior/mid level candidates, so I believe it's going to get better (I'm a pretty optimistic guy though ). Goodluck with your job search!
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