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Default Resume and cv for a qa tester.


First of all let me say that I have been reading these forums and going on this website for a few weeks and it has greatly helped me out in pursuing a job in the game industry. I know what the job of a qa tester entails(low pay, long hours, doing things over and over again), but I eventually want to use it a path to becoming a producer. I've graduated from High School and I'm going to community college in the fall and planning to transfer to a University after I get my associates degree, my major will likely be in communications

I'm about to apply to a couple of developers out in the Los Angeles area and I'm afraid that I don't have much experience in testing per se, so I wanted to see if maybe you guys could help me with my resume to get rid of the useless stuff that wont be relevant to a qa tester. Here is the website that I'm hosting it on This would help immensly since I'm kind of having trouble figuring out how to enhance my resume.

Lastly, how do I write a cv? I apologize for not knowing this and I've looked online, but I figured game career guide would be a better place to ask since you guys could tell me what to put on and what not to put on it for a video game industry career. Thank you so much everyone and I look to hearing from you soon.

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