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When you say CV, do you actually mean Covering Letter?

Now for the criticism (this is based of the .doc):
- Its over one page in page view. Unless you have a fair amount of industry experience, it should never be longer then one page.
- You have two different email addresses for contact.
- You have what appears to be two different postal addresses.
- Your contact details in the top right is in a tiny font given that it is important information.
- The skills section is just one big paragraph. These need to be bullet points.
- These are jobs, not skills:
Organized, Detail Oriented, work well independently as well as with a team. Customer Service, Sales, Handle multiple inbound and outbound calls, Administrative support, Filing(Numeric and Alphanumeric), and Data entry.
- Word and Excel is not the sum of applications in Office. If you only know Word and Excel, then say Word and Excel, not Office.
- Beware of saying 'Extremely proficient' or similar with Office applications. A lot of applicants say that and interviewers will test your knowledge if they are feeling particularly mean. For example, do you know how to create a Contents page in a Word document? Or use macros?
- Your Education heading is in bold but your Experience heading isn't.
- Ideally, your education and should be before your experience if you don't have any relevant experience. Bear in mind that you are up against with degrees as well.
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