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Originally Posted by yaustar View Post
When you say CV, do you actually mean Covering Letter?

Now for the criticism (this is based of the .doc):
- Its over one page in page view. Unless you have a fair amount of industry experience, it should never be longer then one page.
- You have two different email addresses for contact.
- You have what appears to be two different postal addresses.
- Your contact details in the top right is in a tiny font given that it is important information.
- The skills section is just one big paragraph. These need to be bullet points.
- These are jobs, not skills:

- Word and Excel is not the sum of applications in Office. If you only know Word and Excel, then say Word and Excel, not Office.
- Beware of saying 'Extremely proficient' or similar with Office applications. A lot of applicants say that and interviewers will test your knowledge if they are feeling particularly mean. For example, do you know how to create a Contents page in a Word document? Or use macros?
- Your Education heading is in bold but your Experience heading isn't.
- Ideally, your education and should be before your experience if you don't have any relevant experience. Bear in mind that you are up against with degrees as well.
Thank you so much for this criticism and looking over my resume. It's the first time I've had to create a resume so I know it's quite atrocious. As for the CV I'm pretty sure it's a cover letter, but certain developers just say "CV and Resume". I just wanted to make sure there wasn't a difference. I will definitely make improvements to it regarding what you have said. Truthfully I am proficient at Word I do know how to create a contents page, use macros, create graphs, headers and such. Excel on the other hand I have experience with, but I'm not nearly as proficient as Word. Finally, The contact info and whatnot, I was just signing up for the site in a hurry so I put different contact info than what was on my resume.

Being that I have only a High School diploma is it even worth applying to be a tester? Would there be anyway to get a leg up on the competition, since I don't have a degree or anything? How do I go about creating a cover letter?

Again I really appreciate your help.

Thank you

Edit: Okay I updated my resume a bit the site puts a space after every sentence so thats why its over a page normally its about half a page in word.

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