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Originally Posted by Mariol View Post
While I'm not a professional I think a separate Skills section before your work experience that states the tools, software, scripts/languages etc you have experience using will make it much easier for employers to see your skills straight away instead of having them nested in your Experience section.

I would also advise you change your Objective line into a summary statement e.g. a game programmer with 2 years experience in the industry and 2 published titles. Highly experienced in gameplay and GUI programming (or whatever).

As Yaustar stated the words ‘Game Programmer’ after your personal details sort of suggests you are looking for a game programming job so remove the objective line or those words.

I would also include a small section for references at the end, even if you only state ‘Available on request’ this is better than nothing.

Oh and you've spelt Languages as 'Langauges'
Hmm, weird that MS Word's spell check didn't catch that. Good eye there. Thx.

The Tools/Languages/Skills section has been a high point of contention. I have been advised by a hiring manager to get rid of it. As you'll notice I used to have such a section in my old resume and it didn't bring me good results (of course there is no telling what the reason was, much less if it was due to the presence of a Tools/Languages section, but wonders).

Long story short, I am willing to leave it out for now and see what happens.
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