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As Yaustar said What grades did you get at High School? Don't put them all down, just relevant ones (Science, Mathematics, English are common). You're applying for a QA role, so the priorities should be showing that you know a lot about games and that you can communicate efficiently (particularly written communication).

I'd change the formatting of your section headers ("Education:", "Experience:" etc) so that they look different from the places listed in your experience section -larger font, underlined or all caps for example. Also with your experiences, they seem to take up a lot of space, without giving very much information. I'd suggest having the company name, your job title, and the dates you were there all on a single line, followed by one or two sentences summarizing what you did (remember to push anything concerning communication skills).

You may also find it useful to apply for Open Beta tests for online games, so that you can mention that, but be sure you actually try to find & report bugs though so in an interview you could tell them about what you found, how you reproduced it, and how you informed the devs of it.

Finally a section that I typically include and that I quite liked seeing in applicants CV's is a section at the end about you. What are you hobbies, what games you like to play, why you are interested in the games industry. Don't go too in depth, you want to spark their curiosity, so that they will invite you to an interview to ask you more about it. I once had a friend who had amazing success with his CV after adding "I can touch my nose with my tongue" to his CV, and was asked to demonstrate it several times.
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