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Question Newly Graduate - Options?

Hey guys,

Here's a summary of my background:

I just graduated from Computer Programming at college level. I did really well (got great distinction). I got a job right off the bat in my colleges admissions office, as the intermediary between their computer system and the admission policies. Good pay, but I can't see myself do this indefinitely.

Next year, I'm going to university to take Game Design (University of Montreal, Canada). I'm moving in the beginning of Summer 2010, which leaves me 4 big months between the moment I move and my first semester.

I'd like to score a job as a game programmer for those 4 months for two reasons. Firstly, to get my feet wet in the industry, and secondly, to pay off my future debts .

Although I learnt Java and C# in depth at my school, C++ was never part of the menu. Lately, I've been dedicating some of my time to learning it. I've also somewhat been looking at 3D programming.

Here's some questions

1. Is there something I should be learning besides C++?

2. Which level of proficiency should I gain in C++?

3. Any other advice you can offer me in order to land that game programming job?
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