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Default Feedback on my portfolio


I'm a student in France at the Enjmin Game School, and will soon graduate a Master's degree in Games and Digital Medias. I am currently working at Eugen Systems as a gameplay programmer intern (final placement).

As I said in another post some times ago, I'm still very interested in working in North America and I've been recently updating my personal site, here, in the view of getting a position as a junior programmer.I would really appreciate to get feedback on my portfolio. I spent quite a time on it and I now find it hard to keep an unbiased eye. Also, I may have forgot informations that will be required in other country than France. A few elements are still missing like a decent C++ code sample, an up-to-date resume, and maybe a photo, but they will be included very soon.

So please, feel free to bash my work!


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