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Default Data Structures

Does an all-around understanding of data structures play a vital role in the game development process? I know they play an important role in numerous companies outside of the game industry, but I'd like to know about data structure usage in the game industry. I'm getting to the end of my bachelor's program in Computer Science and I need to chose an elective for next semester. I've taken a basic class on data structures and analysis, so I have a novice understanding of them; however, I was talking to my advisor and he informed that the school offers an Advanced Data Structures and Analysis class that would fill my need for an upper-level CS elective.

Here is the class description fromt he catalog:
A study of data structures (including lists and trees) in terms of their descriptions, properties, and storage allocations. Algorithms are used to manipulate structures. Applications are drawn from the areas of information retrieval, symbolic manipulation, and operating systems.

Any advice on whether or not I should take this elective would be greatly appreciated.
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