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Default Modeler without formal 2d/art background?

I am a 24 year old working for an IT firm. So generally I am a computer geek. I attended some college, but never graduated. I do also hold a fairly strong passion for "tinkering" with Photoshop and Maya and 3DS max. I have fun creating things with the programs, but what I am creating at this point is short of professional level work. With time and experience at improving quality, I am sure that I would be producing professional level work.

My question is without having any 2d creation skill outside of a computer and not having any formal teaching for art, is my future for becoming a game modeler doomed? most of what I have read on the artist faq's here is that you really should have a well versed knowledge of art. Considering that I lack that background, does it make me any less of a candidate if I were to still be producing excellent models and renders?

Thoughts, criticism, and honesty welcomed. Thanks!

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