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I've been thinking and I'm not seeing it. I'm not to well with arrays yet but it doesn't seem like I'm surpassing the element amount. In C# i was told that the Array element count starts at 0 (ex. requirements [0] = College BA.

I ended up changing the: while (count1 <= req)
to: while (count1 < req)
and I'm still having the same problem.

What I'm trying to do...

Say there are 5 Requirements.
So the array would have 5 elements (requirements [5-1] )
is five elements.

In the loop it starts with the 0 element and assigns it a requirement (in string form)
Then the count1 variable is added by 1 so it equals 1 now
Then i get a requirement for the 1 element
Then repeats untill the 4th element
After it assigns a requirement to the 4th element, it adds 1 to 4 and makes count1 = 5
Which should stop the while loop and move on

I may have been overlooking something small but it seems to make sense to me (I'm a beginner so what do i know though).
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