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I have to agree entirely. If nothing else, getting into the game industry is *easier* if you are a girl BECAUSE you are a girl. Because we think and act and feel differently, even with more limited skills than male counterparts. When the industry reaches a greater equilibrium, the bar will be raised.

Realistically, there is no reason why women should be allowed sexist acts and unions in the game industry any more than they are in the rest of life. Where I currently work, I make as much as everyone else (actually slightly more, because I'm really good). When I went to game school, I got a $5000 scholarship just because of whats between my legs. How does that make any sense?

I would like to see a real reason as to why "women mentors" shouldn't just fall under "Mentors". There are alot of people trying to get into the game field, why should anyone except the most skilled get in? Mentor the best and the brightest, not the ones with XX or XY exclusively.
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