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Default Programming Portfolio

I have been getting a lot of messages lately asking about my experiences and some help in terms of direction and what is needed to get a job. As a programmer it is simple. know how to code, have good practices and present it.

That last part is what most people do not do. If we get an application for a programmer we won't even look at them if they don't have anything to show other then a diploma. Even programmers need portfolios. So, if you want to get a job create a game even if it's only a simple demo. You don't need to be an artist just have it work solid.

What one person I know did was he created a simple 3D drag racer game in DirectX. Very short and used the XBox controller. He got splash screens from the internet and edited them for his controller and had some students he know texture some simple props. He got the car models free from a website ( and thats about all the art out of the way.

After that he used a physics engine to move the cars and used weights based on the factory statistics. He calculated torque, velocity,momentum,friction, wind resistance, normal forces and so on. All these are simple equations found in a 1st year physics class and the game was done. He just added some polish with anti-alias and lighting to make it more pleasing to the eye and now he works a pseudo interactive.

So now I am offering to help people put together a portfolio project. We can choose either to work on it as a group over the internet (though more difficult it will have a better outcome) or we can have people create their own where in this thread we can offer suggestions, critiques and help with problems.

So for everyone who made it through that block of text, what do you want to do? Ill be checking back here once or twice a week so feel free to talk amongst yourselves in the mean time.
~Justin Dooley

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