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Default Need help with my digital music/questions about the industry.

Hey guys, ive been making music for about 10 years now. drums for 10 years and digital music for 3. I really want to get started in the video game industry. However, I need some advice and guidance as to the composition of my music. Please check out my myspace page and give me any pointers you can. I just want to know if my composition of music is good enough to make it in the industry. I understand i have alot of work to do mixing wise.

Also i was wondering what type of tools that professional composers use. Do some go all digital? If so what programs? What about song file types. MP3, OGG ect.

Was also wondering if there are any small time game companys that might look for composers starting off that are trying to cut there teeth on a first project.

As far as copyrights go, would i be able to use the sounds pre-loaded in VSTI packs for a project or would that be an infringement upon a copyright they might have for the sound im using?

Thank you very much

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