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I took a class for game/software development...There's many cases that teams didn't complete their project due to lack of motivation. We can accomplish this project if we have a team leader that can motivate us, a few coders that can work on modules and modellers that can create characters and probably even assume duty on texture making...I've had experience in modelling and it's pretty simple...I used milkshape and it was fairly simple to's an incompleted female model
If anyone would like to learn, I would be happy to help.

Also, to make development faster...we can also use torque game engine or irrlicht game engine so that having to make our engine is already done. Just some scripting will be needed. Just in case no one knows torque is a commercial engine where upon purchasing will allow the owners to modify internal code. Irrlicht however is open source and free. I used both and have no preference over the two. Here are some websites to look into for torque and irrlicht. for torque and for irrlicht and for milkshape modeller
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