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I'm in but I have to be honest I don't know how much time I can devote. I go to school 40+ hrs a week not including homework/projects/studying so I'm not sure how much time I'll have. Also starting in February I start final project which is pretty much this, making a full game with 4 other guys. So I'll really only be useful for a while and not a lot of work.

I've been coding with C++ for about 16months. I'm pretty secure in my skills in OOP and design patterns and everything else you would expect from someone about to graduate with a CS bachelors(at least I hope. if not more). Also I'm really good and scheduling tasks running groups and working on a schedules.

But if I can find time and this will only take a few months I'm in for a group project. Or we could just do the individual thing while helping each other. Whatever is fine by me.
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