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Originally Posted by chrono1699 View Post
I took a class on software/game development. There were many cases that teams were hindered because lack of motivation.
Yeah, it's like that all the time in Uni. I always get stuck with at least one person who has absolutely no motivation and refuses to contribute anything worthwhile.

Although I would assume most people here have hardcore aspirations, so motivation wouldn't be the worst problems; coordination and time management could be.

Originally Posted by chrono1699 View Post
Leaders are really over-rated, and I believe in team organization where leaders are only needed when they are really needed. Anyways, I also believe in I appoint HagNasty as the leader since he's had experience in the industry.
If HagNasty wants to coordinate the project, then sure.

Originally Posted by chrono1699 View Post
We're also going to need some background (experience on programming, modelling/art) on everyone who wants to do this project so that we can determine their strengths and weakness.
Education: Computer Science (2nd Year)
Language: Java, a little C++, a little C#.
API: Java 2.0, Java 2D, XNA Framework

I've not attempted any 3D work at all for DirectX or OpenGL besides the "Load a 3D Model" tutorial in XNA. However, I am a fast learner. I've written a couple of algorithms from scratch including basic quad-tree-partition circle-circle collision detection, text parsing, 2D animation, etc. Mostly for applet based 2D arcade games.

Originally Posted by chrono1699 View Post
Another suggestion I want to throw is game engines. We can complete this demo in a matter of years if we develop from scratch...or we can complete this in a matter of months if we use a game engine...I suggest irrlicht or torque...I have no preference over the 2.
What about the Microsoft XNA framework for 360/PC?

Originally Posted by chrono1699 View Post
Anyhow, if we can make this into a real working project it'd be great to have an established way of contacting one another. I can be contacted on aol instant messenger and my screen name is the same as my screen name on this forum. I look forward in working with everyone!
I use MSN:

An IRC channel or bulletin board might be useful, depending on where we all live (I'm UK).
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