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I am currently in my senior year of ITT's Game Design program and I am fairly happy with my education (I am at the Salt Lake City campus). From what I hear the DEGD program at ITT can widely vary from campus to campus. I have some students studying with me that have transfered form other campuses, that say the professors at their particular campus were inexperienced and did not teach them the skills needed. Our campus has great instructors, including employees from the local Avalanche Studio, an ex-Disney employee, and the one of the states few Autodesk Certified Trainers. We also have a Game Development Club that has been meeting for extracurricular activites for a few years now. I would just make sure that you research the instructors at the Tennessee campus before enrolling, like I mentioned I have heard both good and bad about our ITT program. I personally am pleased with what I have learned thus far.

I hope that helps, good luck with your education...
Bret Wardle
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