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Well, i was looking for something more specific on C++. Or is it enough to be familiar with the object oriented programming methods?
Virtually all employers will be looking for a CS degree on a programmer's resume/CV that doesn't have an industry experience AND a portfolio of work that proves their skills. Currently (and I do stress currently), C++ is the most used language in the industry so if you were to apply now, you have to know C++ well. Other languages are used and varies on the role and company.

A CS degree is more then to be 'familiar with the object oriented programming methods'. this includes algorithms, software design, programming paradigms, problem solving, working in the groups/teams and the such.

During the development.
As a programmer, the only database I have ever used that I can mention is the one we use for our bug reports and that is whatever the tool uses. The end user (ie me) doesn't care what it is.
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