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It's all about passion and motivation.

Start a website and review games you play. Start reading other sites like ign. Comment on current titles in development. Don't start rumors though. Make your stories fun and interesting so people will read them.


Don't shut yourself off from the world, I suggest reading book and talking about them too. or at least reading. Heres the thing YOU NEVER STOP LEARNING. I don't like it when people shut themselves off from certain topics because it doesn't pertain to them. Try to get your grades up if possible. If you ever want to get into another college they wont touch you with grades like that.

English - D
You need English in order to right complete sentences and use correct grammar.

Science - E
Maths - D
Games are based on Math, Science, and Arts. A respect for these fields is a necessity if you ever want to talk about anything but playing the games.
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