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I always found Mario 64 to be tedious. It was definitely before they figured out how to really handle good 3D camera work. Mario Kart, Smash Bros and OOT definitely surpassed Mario 64 in terms of quality for Nintendo franchise N64 games.

Johnson, I suggest you pick up the Orange Box (for whichever platform you have, or preferably on PC) and play Halflife 2 + episodes, and Portal as well.

I have to say you have a pretty nice list going. Heck, I worked on two of the games you mentioned.

It seems as though you came onto the scene around when the N64/Playstation was popular. I'll list a few Super Nintendo games that you may like:

Chrono Trigger
Super Metroid
Yoshi's Island (the first one, not the crappy N64 one)
Final Fantasy 3 (Japanese 6) - I personally like it more than FF7, although each has their own qualities. 9 is pretty good too.
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