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Originally Posted by Monkeh View Post
Johnson, I suggest you pick up the Orange Box (for whichever platform you have, or preferably on PC) and play Halflife 2 + episodes, and Portal as well.

I have to say you have a pretty nice list going. Heck, I worked on two of the games you mentioned.

It seems as though you came onto the scene around when the N64/Playstation was popular. I'll list a few Super Nintendo games that you may like:
I actually have Orange Box and I have played Portal, it is a GREAT puzzle game! I unfortunately haven't played any of the rest of the game yet. I picked up Mass Effect and then Bioshock, and right now I just can't pry myself away from Bioshock...then of course there's Castle Crashers.

WOW...what two games did you work on? And thanks for complimenting my list.

I started gaming more heavily around the PlayStation era. I do have a Super Nintendo, but my parents didn't buy a whole lot of games, and the best games I had were A Link to the Past, Mega Man X, and Super Mario All-Stars. Then when the PlayStation came around I really started getting into gaming. I have never really played N64, so I don't have too much of an opinion of the games on that system. I felt that the 64 had good games, but not enough to justify going out and buying a system; kind of like how the PS3 is now. Oh, and thanks for the list of games.

And I agree with Tenacious about trying to come up with a top 5 list we can all agree with. So start by posting your 5. We could also consider starting by posting top 5 per system.
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