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While the story was pretty sweet in 3 and the boss battles were awesome. The game itself was pretty boring and had one of the worst menu systems I have ever seen. I mean having to change all of the camo every time you moved 10ft was very tedious. BUT as we said this is just our opinions in my opinion 2 was my favorite and the best even with the Raiden stuff
I will completely agree with you about the menu system in MGS3, and curing yourself??? My god, that got old fast, every time you got a wound- Suture Kit, Styptic, Disinfectant, Bandage. I know it of by heart I did it that many times. I think gameplay-wise 2 was very good (I loved hunting for bombs, locating Ames, disguising as the enemy, etc..) but the story/characters didn't do the series justice. I think if they created a MGS game with with Metal Gear Solids shorter cut-scenes, MGS2's gameplay, MGS3's story/bossfights and MGS4's weapons, graphics (locations maybe?) then that would be a great game.

And I agree with Tenacious about trying to come up with a top 5 list we can all agree with. So start by posting your 5. We could also consider starting by posting top 5 per system.
Best games of all time? I think that as long as a Metal Gear Solid game gets in there I'm happy, but I think Mario needs a place in there though. Any other suggestions?

5 per system? SNES- Mario All Stars, Link to the Past, someone else want to add others? I'm not very good with full lists as I just can't decide what I think should get a spot
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