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and are you saying men only look up to men, and women only look up to women? well who is being sexist then? lol.
creating "woman only" advantages is only going to create a sense of a two tier spilt in any industry. any girl who goes into an industry will be viewed (and rightly so) as not having put her own work in, and having gotten to where she is through privilege. and where will that leave the few women who genuinely put the work in, genuinely want to work in the industry? will they be tarred with the same brush? i hope not.

policies like this "female only" mentoring, only serve to force a divide between the sexes, which left alone would probably heal completely as the older generation dies off.
also, how is it harder for women to get into games development? why would a person need or deserve the extra help just because they are burdened with a vagina? why can i NOT avail of such a service, simply because i have a penis?
not only are such policies morally wrong, but they are also, technically, legally wrong in most countries,(sexual discrimination/social exclusion) and as such should be sued with the same vigour as it would be if a "male only" type project was started.

it is my view, and the view of many, that men are tired of being bullied and insulted by "feminism" for no good reason then for spite and for power. and it is the view of a lot women, that feminism is, in this day and age, an embarasment. women in times past wanted sexual equality. now they have it. they have ALL the rights. they can even piss standing up if they want to
but when will the minority who consider themselves "feminists" take on the RESPONSIBILITY of equality. the responsibility to do things the hard way when you have to. to compete on a truely level playing field of their prefered industry. to treat all humans as just that.

the games industry is a new one, formed well after the sexual revolution. its free from sexual, racial etc. discrimination. it is an insanely tough industry where hiring and firing is done based on whether you can do your job.
institutions which force a segregatory divide are not helpful, or welcome.
femal only grants in college. female only mentoring. preffered hiring of females in any role that does not have empirical evidence showing why a woman is more suited to the role, is not welcome.

the alternitive is an unavoidable return to sexual discrimination.

(note; my use of the term "feminist" is to describe a particular person-type. a female bully who uses the fact that she is a woman as a weapon against men and as a tool of unfair and unjust power for her own advancment. in essence a sexual reverse of the stereo-typical "male schovonist pig". if this is not what you think should be labeled feminist, feel free to change it to your personal equivalent)
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