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Originally Posted by Youkosnake View Post
Can only post 4 at a time, sorry for the overload of pictures, but I like critiques.
ok, for good critiques on your 3d (games specific) go to;
they specialise in (you guessed it) game specific art.

now, for a quick critique from lil ol me;

so far your work is too high-poly, and too boxy. a good thing to do is, create a box, with only 1 quad per face, and make your entire model from that box. at the moment you are making a bunch of primitives and manipulating them into a model. only problem is, they still look like primitives. stay away from booliens at the moment and focus on doing it all with cuts, welds, extrudes and the likes.
in fact, seeing as you have 3ds max, just download my 3d models (link in my sig) and open them up in max to see how they are made.

hope this helps
my free game assets and tutorials;

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