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Okay I love, love, love cooking. There's nothing better than hanging out all day playing video games, doing some editing work, messing with lightsabers (modded Ultrasabers Force FX of course), and cooking throughout the day. Even making your own pizza can be good. Not from scratch, just think about flatbread with melted cheese and marinara or pesto sauce and any other stuff you'd want on it.

For a lot of people, cooking means taking up too much time, but believe me, there are quick ways to cook. Chicken with rice and some flavoring is an easy staple. Just google "easy healthy recipes" or "quick healthy recipes" and you'll come up with lots of stuff.

I'm looking forward to when I actually have furniture in my new place and I can have people over for game nights with potlatches or host dinners. Replace Doritos with toasted pita and dips and throw some people at the Wii, and we're on our way to healthier gamer living.

- Beth
Beth A. Dillon
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