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Actually I wish I could cook. Every time I try I burn whatever I make :P I have tried alot of things. It's not so much the cooking I despise though because I guess I like my food a little burnt. It's the events that lead up to cooking.

I only shop once every 3 months maybe and I hate dishes and that kinda stuff. I freeze everything I get (Mostly roasts and ground beef). When I want to eat it is usually one of three things. A roast that has been in the slow cooker for the day, Kraft dinner(microwaved naturally), or Hamburger helper. Thats the diet of champions people.

Actually when I eat out I get as much veg in me as I can because I know I won't make it at home. Though PB&J sandwiches are making a major comeback in my life. Man I must have been spoiled as a kid because those things are awesome now!.

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