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Default A little advice on starting a career, if you don't mind!


My name is Adam Reynolds, I recently graduated a 3 year computer programmer analyst course from St Lawrence College.. (your basic programming for business course).. I took all kinds of weird stuff like accounting, marketing, presentation skills, as well as a lot of programming and design classes. Particularly, we did a lot of mainframe stuff (using CMS/MVS to program COBOL, submitting with JCL), VB, and 2 great courses on C++.

Honestly - Since I was a kid, I've DREAMED of being a gameplay programmer.. when I was young I would play online text-based RPGS (called MUD's), using telnet to connect, for hours and hours.. in fact, when I was 14, I started programming my own mud (with C) using my dad's work account on his employers linux server. I hosted my MUD on the Ottawa Carleton Freenet for more then 600 people and it stayed alive for years. I'm only 22 now, but I've been gaming since I got a commodore 64 when I was 4 (playing titles like "Up and Down", "Phantasy Star", "Choplifter", "Beach Head"). I have a passion for gaming.. it's in my heart. As I got a little older though, I went through some rough times and I lost sight of my dream.. I stopped pushing myself to learn more about gameplay programming, and sort of started coasting through high school. Afterwards, it seemed like my only choice was to go to St Lawrence and take this course.. I figured, "I love computers, and programming - and I'm really good at it.. I might as well do something to get a piece of paper that proves it."

Now that I've gotten a formal education, I was thinking maybe I could look into starting a career in the field, but the more I read, the more I learn that these companies aren't looking for new graduates with semi-unrelated diplomas - they want people who come from gaming schools and who already have a lot of knowledge.

It's too late for me to do an internship.. I already did my placement with the Ontario Government (doing Mainframe programming - like JCL and COBOL for 4 months, and a year doing end user desktop support where I basically installed pgms, and fixed printers for clients).

I'm worried that I might have already passed up on my chance... I really don't want, and can't afford to go back to school and take a gaming course. I know I have the drive and talent to start my career now - but who's going to hire a "business programmer" in the gaming industry?

I just want the opportunity to impress the right person, but it feels like the right people are completely unreachable.. I KNOW I have what it takes.. and I want a chance so bad it hurts...

I've even tried applying for jobs and offering to work for free, in the hopes that I could impress someone.. but no one ever replies... its like they see where I'm from, and what I know, and just dismiss me...

Does anyone know how a government trained, business programmer could get on board in a gaming career? Or maybe how to get a chance to impress the right person?

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