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Originally Posted by HagNasty View Post
Another option which does not require the learning curve that is involved in SVN is a central FTP that people can access upload and download. Everyone would have there own login and we could turn over wright off. The problem with this is that at some point all the code from everyone would need to be assembled.

I have done 2 larger projects and 1 small project that did not use the SVN software. they all turned out fine. The only difference was that people where there to integrate the code together. This is not available online unless we do voice chat or something and thats just a hassle.
I was about to say, I have had experience using FTP as a code depot and it was a frigging nightmare. Manual integration of code is not fun. Also without revision history, it became really difficult to find out who did what, when and why. However, saying that I will admit that it is the 'easiest' option to setup short-term as we don't have to train anyone in how to use it but have a nasty feeling long term, there will be major problems.

To put it simply we are using SVN in all our future projects with intentions of getting either Source Safe of Alienbrain when the budget allows it. So rather then putting it up to a vote or something democratic like that, I'm going to go ahead and say that we will use SVN since if you have not used it before you will need the training if you intend to get a job in the industry.
Source Safe is okay for small teams, it doesn't tend to scale well. Alienbrain, from what I have heard over various channels is not great and has had many problems with code in the past. Go for Perforce, it is easily the best source control software I have used and well worth the money. Or stick with SVN if the budget doesn't allow.

Adrir: Use TortoiseSVN for Windows instead. It is an Explorer plugin that has a bunch of tools to do merges, blame and diffs. It is also much easier to use compared to CLI in my opinion.

Edit: I forgot about this being in my bookmarks. A list of possible libraries to use:

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