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Default Gama Article on Adaptive Music

I thought this was pretty interesting: Defining Adaptive Music:

It would be really cool if game music could complement onscreen action with the same kind of subtlety, depth, and expression. The complication is that, in games, the timing, pacing, contexts, and outcomes of the onscreen action are constantly in flux, depending on the actions of the player.

Is the player winning? How many orcs are left? Is it important that the player just ran out of painkillers? Did the player find the AK47 yet, or are the dragons going to eat the bowling ball before her plate-mail is repaired? How long is this battle going to last? Are the tides turning? Was that hit significant? Or… did the battle start at all, or did the player sneak past with the Cloaking Cloak of Cloaking +2?

Most importantly: how can a game composer score a scene intelligently and compellingly, when she doesn’t know what is going to happen, when?
The use of specific examples is very well-done. Makes me want to study more music theory!
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