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Originally Posted by Brightwar View Post
1. i [sic] want to start Game Designing but not sure specifically where so I am going to try a little bit of everything until i [sic] find my passion.
2. I decided to start with 3D Animation/Modeling and Level Design but I have no idea where to start.
3. I have no programming experience and i am terrible at drawing
4. so if an experienced individual could just give me some guidance i would appreciate it.
1. Yes, that's a good idea. It's important that you find your passion. By the way, what do you mean by "Game Designing"? The game industry has a narrow definition of what that means. You need to speak our language if you want good answers. Read these:

2. If you want to ask where to start with 3D animation and modeling, ask on the Art forum. As for where to start with level design, use mod tools or level editing tools from your favorite PC game.

3. Okay, why are you throwing that information at us? Why don't you just focus on what you DO want to do and not on what you already know you aren't good at?

4. There are lots of great articles right here on GameCareerGuide. You ought to read them. And I have lots more articles on Sloperama too. Just browse the titles and see what sounds like something you want to read.
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