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i recently graduated with a game design degree from collins college. i already have a start of a demo and a level designer willing to jump on board. this is the demo video of what we already have. i lost my other programmer but i did most of the work anyway. though most of this code is based off tutorials i am beginning to understand more and more how to make custom stuff. i also have and indie license for the game engine. i have been programming in c++ now off and on for 4 years tho i have forgotten a lot of it as i am a web developer programming in actionscript right now. my current and ongoing project is which can also be used to supplement contact problems as it is a social site that supports collaboration on projects and currently it has unlimited uploads though it is buggy right now as we are in open beta. anyway back to my demo we have revamped the level it takes place in many times now as my level designer keeps getting board with it. and if you want back story and whatnot i have full documentation for this idea. even if you guys are not interested in the idea i would still want to get onboard with whatever project you guys decide to do.
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