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I was being very general and talking from personal experience. Out of all the games courses in the world, I would say 95% are junk and don't teach you the same things as a Computer Science degree and give you a 'jack of all trades' education and miss some of the fundamentals you need for other jobs. When I compare what I did (from a games course) with other people from a CS degree, I do worry somewhat when I decide to switch careers. For example, they had to write their own compiler for a custom language which means they have a core knowledge of how a compiler works.

I am also echoing the general sentiment of games developers view on games courses from other forums and people I know.

Also bear in mind that the OP wants to go to Full Sail which is a very slippery slope when started. It is expensive, intensive and really doesn't offer much more over a traditional CS degree taking into consideration that he has to move to another country to get this 'games specific education'. IIRC, they don't offer refunds of any kind either.

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