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Default Heh, I was a cook!

I live in a ridiculously small town.. you know the type.. middle of nowhere - everyone knows everyone - you get in trouble and the guy across the street hears before you do. The only advantage to that is I was allowed to work at 12 for my friends - dads restaurant as a dish washer.. when I turned 13 I was a line cook (making fries from the start to end of every shift).. I was still in line cook jobs until I was 20 (like 2 years ago).

So the point? If you're hungry some night and don't want to order out - yet again. Post here what you got in the fridge, and I'll come up with something thats ready in 12 minutes or less (or longer, but extremely minimal effort).

If you don't want to go to that extreme, just let me know that you're interested and what kind of cuisine you want, and I'll post a good grocery list and a bunch of easy recipes that'll keep you healthy, headache free, and full of energy. I must warn you though... your back might hurt from having those extra bills in you wallet to sit on!
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