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I want to start out saying that I work at The Art Institute of Phoenix. The actual ground campus. I don't know how anyone goes online for an art degree but some people are able to do it really well. If you are looking at doing Game Art for a Bachelors degree than the Art Institute of Phoenix has a great program. We were the first college to offer a degree in Game art back in 1996. We teach Game art. That is different than colleges that teach one or two classes in art and the rest are in design. So if you want to be an environmental artist, texture artist or Character designer for games than this program is for you. If you want to learn programming then the other schools are a great fit. Our program is also a Bachelors degree. If you have any questions check out our website: or call 602-331-7500 and ask for Josh. This is for a traditional campus game art degree.
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