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Originally Posted by bob View Post
I like this challenge.

Cnutt, I know I kind of sound like a douche, but could we get some declared standards for use in judging, so that we know actually know how our entries will be scored? I think it will also help the judges be consistent. I know I sound like a whiny loser, but still, it would definitely improve this contest.
That doesn't sound whiny or douche-y... it's very easy to say "My game is an RPG where you play the entire life of a character, and the ups and downs of his story are then translated to music" without explaining how and why this concept could possibly work.

That sort of entry, with no real design theory behind it, is exactly the sort of thing that gives poor Tom Sloper nightmares; idea men, coming for him in his sleep!

As for the challenge itself, I had a concept for a game a few years ago that might work here, but since it's more "sound-based" than "music-based", I will probably work on something different (if I work on anything at all, this month is going to be unusually busy for me). That said, it may get people thinking, so here it is;

Edit: Good god, I must have copied and pasted that from an old document, because the writing style is completely terrible. Apologies in advance for anyone who's curiosity is rewarded with horrible grammar. Looks like I have another project this month; re-writing that post.

I suppose the various pitches of radar could 'form' music, in their own way, but that was never the intention. Instead, I wanted a game that utilized a surround sound system that would enable the blind to gather the data they need to beat the game. Of course, my expansion upon that concept made the game much less playable by the handicapped, but it was a good jumping off point.

I still think a "stealth / rhythm / shoot-em up" hybrid would be fun, just... probably not a solid entry for this challenge.
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