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Default Ideas? I'm your man

Alright.. I'll do my best

1) Give the ability to clip audio files.. (ie I import an mp3 but only want the first, middle, or last 30 seconds)
just make a void clip function that takes a string for a filename, the start and end times, and creates a new filename (using the same one but adding clip to it or something) of just that section

2) This one could be harder - find a way to allow recording through a mic or direct line input. (as a programmer and musician - I find that I just can't find the right music to set the moods for games I work on... and I guarantee I can always play what I want to hear on my guitar. Its just such a pain to use goldwave to record, a converter to convert it to mp3, then put it in there)
Not sure if it exists, so you may have to write your own driver to interface to the sound card from C++...

3) I'm assuming you'll have some sort of a sample playback function, but maybe extend that so you can playback multiple tracks at once (via an array of sound files, a loop, and multiple playback calls?) so a person could add a voice track over top of some light music.. (think of Diablo 1 and Deckard Cain... how perfect was hearing that voice over the background minor arpegios)

I'm sure I could come up with more but am pressed for time.. Let me know if I'm off base on what you want - I got millions of ideas.
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