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Originally Posted by bob View Post

That sounds like you could potentially get a very interesting game out of that if it's fun to play as well as trippy.
Thanks. I'm not 100% sure on the execution yet, but I've been hanging out on the couch, notepad in hand, listening to my ambient music collection... if the ideas refused to be coaxed out by it, at least it's been enjoyable . I've considered adding alcohol to the mix, but I'm not sure that'd end very productively (great way to kill a lazy afternoon though).

So far, I'm kind of thinking of players being given a specific volume of space, and the player 'drops' instruments into the space to define it's characteristics, adjusting the notes to change elements like color (Good reading can be found here, for example; It'd basically be 'painting with sound', and I'm not really sure how to define that as a GAME rather than just a cool plaything.

I can't imagine it being a 'home decor' game... "The Sims" with music instead of paint and sims. I've recently been tinkering with Hanafuda cards (Looking for a really pretty set, the girlfriend and I are considering mounting them and framing them as an interesting bit of art), and for some reason I keep thinking "flower arrangement but with music"... but that's just an idea without any real design behind it.

But, I'm not deterred. I still have a week and a half to play with it, and I like how the abstract context of this challenge has me in a completely different mode of thought. If nothing else, I'm slowly crawling out of the rut I feel I've been in, creatively, for the last few months.
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