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Originally Posted by cnutt View Post
This seems fine to me -- do you intend to make an original YouTube video for the presentation? That seems like overkill, but if it makes sense to you, go for it... =)
We~ell, I've been planning to make a music-centric game for months now, and this gives me an opportunity to create a video mockup, pitch and design all at the same time.

Music, unlike other game design subjects, is a lot more delicate and tends to be wordy when explained in text. I think it would be best if I used a video to demonstrate how music applies to the design. I also want to make sure I meet the 500 word count rule, since that's also part of the challenge.

The video will be made by me, with original art assets. If anyone has any qualms about it, I'd be glad to use words instead.


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