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Originally Posted by bob View Post

The music-generated level thing is cool, but I'd be careful with it because it doesn't add anything to the game play itself. It's just an algorithm for creating random levels. You could achieve the same effect without using a song.

However, the boss that only lasts as long as the chorus is cool, and so are some of those weapons. Maybe you could have a weapon that interacts with the level song that in turn manipulates the level itself.
Bob, I totally agree. Dreamshade, perhaps you could switch your premise slightly and use the music as a tool for the player to overcome the challenges you present.

For example, in addition to using music to generate your levels, you could turn the songs stored on the player's playlists into weapons, slow enemies down, power up attributes, manipulate the environment, etc.

For example, the songs are arranged in a 'deck' which the player can select songs to assist him/her. The songs must play for a minimum period of time and can last for the total duration of the song, providing the analyzed gameplay effect throughout.

When such a powerup song has been selected, the environmental music is still used to generate the gameplay world, but the music that the player hears is from the selected song.

If there are no songs which are of benefit to the player, he/she could opt to replace all of the songs. Perhaps items within the environment could provide unique songs, increase/decrease the deck's size, reset the deck, allow the player to pick from a favourites list, etc.
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