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That one's Dreamshade's idea. It could be looked at as 'Magic: The Gathering, meets Doom, meets iTunes'

I think a god game could be interesting. Anyone remember how they felt when they first saw Disney's Fantasia, in particular the 'Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy' The player would embody a god in its 'creation workshop', using music to create a world/universe. Different music would provide different creation tools. Playful and light music would give access to happy and cheerful creation tools, while 'angry' music gives access to darker creation tools. The player could create both the environment and the critters that live within. The world each player creates would be dependent upon both the music that ships with the game and the player's playlist choices on his/her computer and the specific music that the player chooses to listen to while creating the world. This would lead to the creation of unique worlds as the tools accessible at any given time and their characteristics would depend upon the music playing at that very moment.

The game would take place within an online multi-player domain where other player's worlds could eventually interconnect, forming a great tapestry of creation. Players could wander around other worlds and marvel at their creativity while listening to the music that was used to create it.

Of course, there would be some digital copyright issues that would need to be sorted out, but lawyers, a couple licensing fees and a few agreements should sort that out! I hope this idea doesn't stray too far into Retro's lane. If that's the case, my lawyers will have to talk to his lawyers.
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