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Originally Posted by Gshonk View Post
I don't really agree, I think most studios recognize the importance of music in games, and I know for a fact the composers take it seriously (just check out GANG those guys aren't messing around). I know quite a few game composers myself and can attest to how serious they take their job and the impact it has on players.

For recent games with soundtracks that were very vital check out Uncharted 2, Modern Warfare 2 and Brutal Legend. All of these used the soundtrack to drive home emotional parts of the game.
perhaps, I mean, I'm not saying none of them do, those are just some examples. Metal Gear Solid 4 definitely hit me hard with the music and so did a game like Uncharted 2 and even Blazblue. But it seems like the majority just doesn't give 2 craps, for example, Street Fighter 4's music was some of the most disgraceful pieces of, what I'm displeased to call, music, Resident Evil 5's music was nothing fascinating or mood breaking either. Anyhow, those are some examples of games, however, it seems less groundbreaking and that they don't take it to their fullest extent at times. I mean, it's not horrible music most of the time, it's just "Whatever" or "It's alright" and that's it, compared to how it use to be.
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