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Originally Posted by Gshonk View Post
Sadly sometimes developers or publishers don't care. Or they just don't have the money to hire an A list composer. Interesting that both of the games that you mentioned are Japanese games, Do you think that might have something to do with it? Or maybe how you perceive their music?
Actually, I love the music in Blazblue, that game is Japanese as well. Also, Metal Gear Solid is Japanese too... Now that I think about it, all the games I listed are Japanese, but the thing is, most video games are made in Japan. Of course, there are American games without a sense of music too, one I want to mention is... Well, I'm not sure if I can count it, but alot of the songs on Rockband games aren't to my liking and a bit generic. I like music to be creative or advanced in it's own way, though I don't mind if it's simple as long as it doesn't sound like almost every other song out there.
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