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Originally Posted by Siberianhusky89 View Post
Actually, I love the music in Blazblue, that game is Japanese as well. Also, Metal Gear Solid is Japanese too... Now that I think about it, all the games I listed are Japanese
Haha yea most of them are.

Originally Posted by Siberianhusky89 View Post
but the thing is, most video games are made in Japan.
Not true at all, it just seems like those are the ones that you like to play the most.

Originally Posted by Siberianhusky89 View Post
Of course, there are American games without a sense of music too, one I want to mention is... Well, I'm not sure if I can count it, but alot of the songs on Rockband games aren't to my liking and a bit generic. I like music to be creative or advanced in it's own way, though I don't mind if it's simple as long as it doesn't sound like almost every other song out there.
Well you have to realize these songs are picked to sell units so they are going to pick the most popular, and most fun to play, songs on the music market.
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